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Wrenches for Networking

Adjustable Wrenches for Networking

An often overlooked and fundamental tool, wrenches come in many shapes and sizes to help get the job done on time. CyberXLink supplies precision manufactured ergonomic wrenches comfortable for long term usage, delivering professional results.

The 8/10/12” Adjustable Composite Wrench from Greenlee has a patented lightweight ergonomic design. It has a measuring scale on its head for easy sizing, and is designed to minimize user fatigue. Made to tight tolerances, this adjustable wrench has a professional look, touch, and feel. Its wide capacity jaws provide versatility and smooth operation.

This adjustable wrench exceeds ASME/ANSI specifications and has a corrosion resistant finish. Ready for your next cable install project? Make sure to come prepared to your next conduit project with the new Slug-Buster Knockout Kit.

With its hex ratchet wrench and assortment of knockout punches this kit splits slugs for easy removal. It punches clean, quick, and accurate holes. The 1” hex ratchet wrench allows use with both 3/8” and ¾” draw studs. Get your conduit networking project done with ease and avoid the mess with this handy kit.

Another handy networking tool CyberXLink provides is the Can Wrench, Strips 22, 24, 22/4 & 24/4 AWG Cables. It strips the outer jacket of 22/4 and 24/4 AWG telephone cable and strips insulation of 22 and 24 AWG wire. This can wrench also removes PVC insulation and has hex sockets for accessing panels. It has a durable shock resistant design for long term usage.

Having the right tools at your side can make a huge difference, make sure to purchase your networking pliers from CyberXLink. We supply tools for working with all manner of cables including Ethernet, coax, fiber optic, and telco. We offer everything an installer needs for working on just about any type of cabling project.

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