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Pricing and Payment FAQs:

What methods of payment do you accept?
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal
Sorry, No International Credit Cards. I do not feel comfortable entering my credit card information. How can I place an order?

Feel free to contact our customer service.

Why does my credit card decline when I still have available credit on my account?

A credit card can decline due to an invalid credit card number, expiration date, daily limit,insufficient credit, or other reasons. Sometimes customers might input their card number incorrectly. Check online to be sure that the number has been input correctly. Contact your credit card company for more information or contact our sales for help.

Do you know why my credit card is declined?

The computer does the credit card charges automatically. We are not given a reason when a transaction declines. For further information, please contact your credit card company or the bank.

Why do you need to verify my shipping address?

I've ordered from other companies online but they do not require address verification. In order to guard against credit card fraud, if the billing and shipping address are different, we must verify that the alternative shipping address is authorized. You can contact your credit card issuer bank and list your shipping address as an alternative address in their memo field. Contact us at (951) 824-1572 after you have done this. We will call them and verify the address, please have your credit card ready before you call us.

Do you pay for the return shipping charge for defective items?

CyberXLink, at its sole discretion, may pay for the return shipping charges UPS Ground. Contact the technical support department for more information.

I have a resellers permit in the state of California.

Please fax us a copy of your California Sellers permit to (951) 691-5072 before you place your order online.

Is the website secure? What kind of security is used?

When you are placing an order on the Internet, security is the number one priority. All online transactions are sent through our secure server, and encrypted with 128-bit technology. Once the information is received through the Internet, authorized employees will process your payment, and make sure that your information is handled with the highest level of security.

Do you offer a Resellers Program or Dealers Discount program?

Aside from the reduced shipping costs for multi-item orders, we do offer large volume discounts on products or shipping. In addition, we always try to keep all prices as low as possible all the time.