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Toslink 2.2mm Digital Audio Cables

Toshlink Fiber Optic Audio Cable
Toshlink Fiber Optic Audio Cable
Toslink 2.2mm Digital Audio Cable, in package
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Toslink Optical Fiber Audio Cables

Used to connect Toslink interfaces on audio equipment such as DVD players, receivers and MP3 players. The fiber cable eliminates the distortion that can be caused by the capacitance and resistance of traditional wire cables. This audio cable works with all standard Toslink enabled devices, ensuring multi vendor interoperability.


  • Plug: PVC, 45 Pa Black
  • Connector Assembly Type: Metal Tip
  • Cable: Plastic Optical Fiber
  • Core: Transparent PMMA
  • Diameter: ID :1.0mm OD 2.2MM
  • Jacket Type: Black Jacket PVC

What's in the Box?

QTY 1 - Toslink 2.2mm Digital Audio Cable