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Premium Tone & Probe Tracing Kit

Network Cable Tester, Premium Tone & Probe Tracing Kit
Network Cable Tester, Premium Tone & Probe Tracing Kit
Network Cable Tester, Premium Tone & Probe Tracing Kit
Network Cable Tester, Premium Tone & Probe Tracing Kit
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For data sheets and other information on the 801K Premium Tone & Probe Tracing Kit, click on the additional information tab.

Network Cable Tester, Premium Tone & Probe Tracing Kit

The kit comprises the 77HP/6A High Power Tone Generator and the 200FP Inductive Amplifier in a rugged woven polyester carrying case. The 801K represents the top-of-the range in wire and cable identification. When first turned on the 200FP is in the normal tone probe mode, detecting and playing most voice frequency signals. With a short press of the control button the probe enters the filtered mode, eliminating the hum and buzz created by light fixtures and power lines.

77HP/6A Tone Generator

When it comes to tone generators, more technicians choose the 77HP/6A over any other brand. The 77 series Tone Generators have become an industry standard component in the tool kit of technicians in all premises and outside plant wiring industries.

200FP Inductive Amplifier

The 200FP filter probe offers three types of noise filtration, and is capable of virtually eliminating power related noise from the tone-and-probe operation by selectively filtering out all 50Hz and 50Hz* harmonics. Used in conjunction with any tone generator, the units permit wire and cable identification without having to make direct metallic contact with the conductor. Powerful receiver gain permits accurate identification in even the most congested cable bundles and equipment rooms. The 200FP includes a powerful speaker and a recessed, on/off push button control to prevent accidental operation. The 200FP offers adjustable volume control for precise identification when tone signal "bleed" is affecting the identification process.

Both the 77HP/6A and the 200FP can be purchased separately and are part of a series of Tone Generators and Probes designed to meet the price and performance requirements of the various trades involved in cable installation and maintenance.

The various Tone Generators are matched with the appropriate Probe and are offered as a kit complete with carrying case for a variety of applications.

801K Features

  • Fast, Accurate Wire Identification
  • Sends Tone to Identify Wires
  • Two Distinct Tone Signatures
  • Visual and Signal Strength Indication
  • Large Speaker for Noisy Environments
  • Facility for Headset/Buttset connection
  • Choice of Metallic or Plastic Probe Tip
  • Rugged Industrial Design

77HP/6A Features

  • Selectable Warble
  • Continuity Testing
  • Polarity Testing
  • Talk Battery Supply
  • 2-Line Modular Test Lead - RJ11
  • 3-Color LED identifies AC Ring Voltage
  • Weather Resistant
  • Croc Clips
  • Alligator Clips
  • Cloth Test Lead

200FP 801K

  • Powerful 2 inch Speaker
  • Powerful Rear Fire Speaker
  • One Button Operation
  • Adjustable Volume Control
  • LED for Visual Signal Strength Indication
  • Recessed Tabs For Test Telephone Or Headset connection
  • Speaker Bypass when Using Recessed Tabs
  • Noise Filtration
  • Continuous ON Feature
  • Five Minute Auto Shut OFF
  • Low Battery Indicator


200FP   77HP/6A
Electrical:   Electrical:
Gain: 35dB   Output Voltage (Talk Battery into 600Ω): 4.5VDC
Input Impedance: 100MΩ   Output Power (into 600Ω): +7 dBm
Probe Tip Resistance (min): Plastic Tip 300Ω   Tone Frequency (nominal): alternating 900/1100Hz +/-1%
constant 900Hz +/- 1%
Frequency Range (approx): 500Hz – 5kHz   Voltage Protection (into a 600Ω Circuit): 52VDC
Power Source:   Power Source:
Battery: 1 x 9V   Battery: 1 x 9V
Battery Life (nominal): 50 hours   Battery Life (nominal): 50 hours
Environment:   Environment:
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)   Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Storage Temperature: -50°c to 75°C (-58°F to 167°F)   Storage Temperature: -50°c to 75°C (-58°F to 167°F)
Relative Humidity: 80%   Relative Humidity: 80%
Physical:   Physical:
Length: 248 mm (9.75")   Length: 248 mm (9.75")
Width: 32 mm (1.25")   Width: 32 mm (1.25")
Depth: 35 mm (1.375")   Depth: 35 mm (1.375")
Weight: 0.133 kg (0.294 Ibs.)   Weight: 0.133kg (0.294 lbs.)

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