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Sticklers Fiber CleanWipes, Lint Free Fabric 90 2"x4" Sheets/Tub

Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipes
Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipes
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CleanWipes Lint Free Fabric Wipes

These high purity CleanWipes™ are made of lint free fabric engineered for optical applications. These fiber optic cleaning wipes are excellent for wet/dry cleaning of your optical fiber, connector endfaces, lenses, mirrors, LCD displays and test equipment. The mini tub keeps these fiber optic wipes clean and portable, and you don't incur the expense of cartridge-style packaging.

These fiber optic cleaning wipes are made of a glue-free, super-pure polyester material that is stronger than traditional "cellulose wipes." These fiber optic wipes are sized perfectly for cleaning optical fibers prior to termination or fusion splicing, and for cleaning fiber optic connector endfaces. The convenient mini-tub keeps these fiber optic cleaning wipes handy when you are working in the field or at the workbench.


  • Lint free fabric for optical applications
  • Wet/dry cleaning of optical fiber and connectors
  • Also cleans lenses, lcd displays, test equipment