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4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch, IR Remote Control Extension, 3D

HDMI Switch 4x2 Matrix - Front View
HDMI Switch 4x2 Matrix - Front View
HDMI Switch 4x2 Matrix - Back View
HDMI Switch 4x2 Matrix - Top View
HDMI Switch 4x2 Matrix - Back Angled View
Item #: AV10-4738-42
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Supports 4Kx2K Supports 3D Video

4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch w/IR Remote Control Extension, 3D

This HDMI Switch is a true matrix 4 x 2 switch, up to 4 source devices and up to 2 displays can be connected. You can have the same video mirrored on all displays, or use the switch to send different video to each monitor. Input source for each display is selected by pushing a button on HDMI matrix box, or using remote control.

The HDMI Switch has IR extension function. You can control source devices and the matrix either at source device location or from remote display location.

Say you have a TV and source devices such as cable box and blue ray player in the living room, and second TV in the bed room upstairs. Take remote controls upstairs at night. You can change TV channel or switch to blue ray player on the bed without going downstairs to the living room.

The HDMI 4x2 Switch also has RCA & SPDIF audio output for separate home theater audio system.

** IR remote control adapters are sold separately. **


  • True matrix 4 x 2
  • Four input / Two output
  • LED display for input /output selection
  • Select input/output by IR remote control or manual switch
  • Desktop or wall mount
  • HDCP 1.3 compliant
  • Full 4K, 3D support
  • IR extension supported (need AV9-4963-R, AV9-4435-T, and AV9-4964-A)
  • IR transmitter (AV9-4963-R), IR receiver (AV9-4435-T), IR Adapter (AV9-4964-A) not included
  • Digital audio format, DTS-HD/Dolby-True-HD/LPCM7.1/DTS/DSD
  • Built-in equalizer support output up to 60Ft HDMI cable


2x4 HDMI Matrix Switch Specsc

HDMI Version High speed with 3D support
HDMI Resolution Up to 4K
Support Video Color Format Deep Color 36bit
Support Audio Format -DTS-HD/true-HD/LPCM7.1/AC3/DTS/DSD
Date Transfer Speed 6.75Gbps
Input Video Signal 5.0Volts P-P
Max Output Cable Length 60ft
Power Adapter Input: AC (50HZ.60HZ) 100V-240V; Output: DC5V: (included)
Operating Temperature Range -15 to +55 Degree
Operating Humidity Range 5 to 90%RH (No Condensation)

HDMI Matrix Switch Accessories

The HDMI matrix switch combines the features of both a signal splitter and a switch. Utilizing an HDMI matrix switch you can use multiple sources and switch between them on one display like a switch. You can also display the same signal on multiple displays at the same time like a splitter. The HDMI matrix switch can also display different signals on different output devices.

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What's in the Box?

  • Qty 1 - 4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch
  • Qty 1- IR Remote Control
  • Qty 1 - DC5V 2A Power Supply
  • Qty 1 - Operation Manual