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LANsmart Pro - RoHS Compliant

LAN Smart PRO - RoHS Compliant
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LANsmart Pro Link Tester for LAN, Telephone, and Coax Cable Testing

The LANsmart Pro version is the next generation of LANsmart, the most popular and versatile cable tester for technicians on the market. Link tester has all the same great functions as the original LANsmart (hand-held size, cable length meter, port-finder, etc.) This link tester also tests telephone and coaxial cables, not just LAN networks. The LANsmart Pro also incorporates both digital & analog tone generators and remote identifier functions.


  • All-in-one tester: wire map, twisted mapping, short location, quick test, cable length test, tone generator and port finder
  • Wire map for opened, short, reversed, crossed, split pairs, mis-wire and shield continuity
  • Wire map results are displayed in pin-to-pin format
  • Indicates the I.D number of the remote identification
  • Short Location: locates short position whether short is in the near end or far end of the cable
  • Measures twisted pairs, map, and length of Cat5, Cat5E and Cat6 cables without remotes