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LANsmart TDR, Network Cable Tester - RoHS Compliant

LAN Smart TDR - RoHS Compliant
LAN Smart TDR - RoHS Compliant
LAN Smart TDR - RoHS Compliant-2
LAN Smart TDR - RoHS Compliant-3
LAN Smart TDR - RoHS Compliant-4
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LANsmart TDR Network Cable Tester

The LANsmart is a hi-tech, multifunctional network cable tester. In addition to detecting basic wire faults like open, short, miss-wired and split pairs, it can also measure the cable length using TDR (Time Domain Reflectometers) technology in real time. The LANsmart network cable tester displays the results in pin-to-pin format. When there is any open/short faults in the cable, the LANsmart will detect, locate, and display the faults.


  • Incorporates TDR technology
  • Tests for shorts, opens, miswires, reversals, split pairs, and shield continuity
  • Built-in PORTfinder to locate corresponding sockets on hub/switch
  • Measures length of UTP and STP cable without remotes
  • Calibrated velocity propagation ability for non-standard cables to increase measuring accuracy
  • Tone generator sends signals to either all or selected pin conductor
  • Test results displayed in pin-to-pin/wiremap format
  • Compatible with any twisted pair of category 3/4/5 and 6 cables