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Network Rack Coupling Kit

Network Rack Coupling Kit
Item #: RA-D3-1560-CK
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Made in the USA

Rack Coupling Kit

The Rack Coupling Kit joins two DAMAC server racks side by side. The racks must be the same height. The rack coupling kit mounts to the two coupling holes found in the top of the rack frame.


  • Added Security - Utilizing the Coupling kit adds stability and security to Server Rack Systems By attaching to multiple units.
  • Easy to install - Pre drilled holes can be located along the frame of the Server rack and with four simple screws your rack has been fortified.
  • Superior Manufacturing - The carbon steel construction is manufactured in the U.S.A and produces a high-quality black powder coat finish with excellent dimensional stability.


Shipping Weight 5 lbs.
Color/Finish Powder Coated Black

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Additional Information

Rack Bracing and Mounting Accessories

Add Stability to your network with CyberXLink’s Bracing and Mounting Kits, for 2 and 4 Post server racks. These kits are some of the most handy bracing systems. It not only secures racks to a walls and floors, but also provides a measure of earthquake safety, keeping network equipment from falling over. These kits have the ability to create a 4 post rack from two 2 post racks. DAMAC's Network Rack Coupling Kits can be combined with a wide array of products such as:

What's in the Box?

  • Qty 2 - Coupling brackets
  • Qty 4 - Hex Screws
  • Qty 4 - Flat Washers