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Network Rack, Wall Mount Enclosure, Bezel & Door - 14'' or 28"

Network Rack, Wall Mount Enclosure, Bezel & Door
Network Rack, Wall Mount Enclosure, Bezel & Door
Network Rack, Wall Mount Enclosure, Bezel & Door
14" Media Center Cabinet Enclosure
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Note: Wall Mount Cabinet Back is Not Included

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Network Rack, Wall Mount Enclosure

The Dynacom Wall Mount Enclosure is a cost saving solution for securely storing 14" or 28" rack-mount equipment such as patch panels and network equipment. The low-profile, wall-mounted design is ideal for installation in classrooms, retail stores and other high traffic areas. The non-intrusive design wont interfere in space restrictive areas. The enclosure maximizes interior space with a unique mounting system. The Dynacom Wall Mount Enclosure is an ideal solution for patch panels, servers, switch, cable management and fiber-optic equipment.

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  • Elegant and Practical
  • 'Below the Surface' Body Simplifies Drywall Finishing
  • Bezeled Door Hides Drywall Seams and Protects Walls
  • Built-in Latch
  • Accepts Standard 1" x 6" Modules
  • Power Box Knockout
  • Integrated Tie-wrap Anchors
  • All Steel Construction
  • Powder Coat Finish


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