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S-Video 110 Punchdown Module - White

S-Video 110 Punchdown Module
S-Video 110 Punchdown Module
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S-Video 110 Punchdown Module

The S-Video 110 Punchdow Modules are designed to distribute the video signal feeds from the wall plate to the device(s). By distributing the 2 channel video signal over two twisted pair wires, the S-Video Punchdown Modules deliver a higher quality video signal to the device. Once terminated, Dynacom's S-Video 110 Punchdown Modules fit within a wall plate in order to deliver higher quality video feeds than standard RCA connections. Once the connector has been terminated, it can be installed in to a wall plate by itself if no audio connections are necessary. Most commonly, these S-Video 110 Punchdown modules are combined with RCA inserts in order to deliver audio feeds, with higher quality video feeds. Dynacom's S-Video Punchdown Modules are available with a white bezel and mount flush within a wall plate to create a clean, professional look.

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  • Recessed Design Prevents Damage
  • Available in White Only

S-Video 110 Punchdown Module Specifications

S-Video 110 Punchdown Specs
A 1.57 inches
B 1.17 inches
C 1.30 inches
D 0.97 inches
E 1.40 inches
F 1.81 inches
Package Quantity Sold in box of 25 (Minimum Quantity is 35)
Material Plastic
Color White

Audio / Video Keystone Jack Accessories

The audio keystone jacks provide a clean point of connection for RCA cables connecting your home theater components to your network. They allow a means for peripheral devices to connect to a network through wall plates. CyberXLink carries RCA keystone jacks, banana jack pairs, and RCA to F connector jacks specifically for home theater audio/video applications.

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What's in the Box?

  • Qty 35 - S-Video 110 Punchdown Modules