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MPO/MTP-LC Cassette Module, 10 Gig Multimode OM3 50/125, 144 Fibers High-Density, Type A

MTP Cassette, 10 Gig Multimode, 144 High-Density LC Connections
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MPO/MTP-LC Super Cassette Module, 10G Multimode OM3, 144 Fibers, Type A

This rack mountable MPO/MTP cassette module is loaded with 72 duplex multimode 10 gig LC fiber connectors, connecting a total of 144 fibers within a 1U rack space! Inside the MPO/MTP cassette, the fiber is spliced out from 12x 12 fiber MPO/MTP connectors into 144 fiber LC connectors, giving you an easy plug-and-play option for your high-density fiber application. This high-density MPO/MTP cassette is constructed of light weight, yet durable, rolled steel that makes it weigh less than 5 pounds.

Save valuable installation time spent terminating fibers by purchasing a pre-loaded/terminated 144 fiber high-density MTP cassette today.

MPO/MTP-LC Super Cassette Module, Multimode OM3, 144 Fibers Features

  • Type A Polarity
  • 12 MPO/MTP Connections to 72 Duplex LC Connections
  • Multimode 10G OM3 50/125 Fiber Type
  • 19" Rack Mountable
  • Angled Front Panel for improved installation and cable management
  • quick and easy plug-and-play data solution

MTP High Density Cassettes

A cassette is a packaged, pre-terminated cabling assembly that transitions from multi-fiber cables and array connectors to traditional single-fiber connectors. Our cassettes are fitted with 12 or 24 LC Connections on the front and one or two 12-fiber MTP/MPO adapters on the back depending on if they are 12 or 24 fiber. The type of adapter mounted at the rear of a cassette defines it as either a Type A or Type B MTP/MPO modular cassette.

Type A Cassette

Type A MTP/MPO cassette uses a “key up to key down” adapter connection between the internal MPO/MTP connector and the MPO/MTP array cable connector.

Type B Cassette

Type B MTP/MPO cassette uses a “key up to key up” adapter connection between the internal MPO/MTP connector and the MPO/MTP array cable connector.

Note: Method A cassette works for both single-mode and multimode channels, while there is a limitation of Method B cassette: it doesn’t allow the use of an angled polished (APC) single-mode connector.