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Ultimate Technician Tool Kit

Ultimate Technician Tool Kit
Item #: TL6-5758
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Greenlee PA4932 Ultimate Technician Tool Kit

The Greenlee PA4932 Ultimate Technician Tool Kit is a complete assortment of tools designed for technicians that work with cabling for network, phone, satellite TV, cable TV, HDTV, or cable modems. This premium network technician tool kit features tools for coax and twisted pair cable organized in a zippered case - including cutters and strippers, two crimpers, a SurePunch Pro punchdown tool with detachable light & blades, modular plugs, tone & probe, the LAN ProNavigator - and more. To see a complete list, please click on the What's in the Box tab.

What's In The Box

CyberXLink's Item Number: TL6-5758
Greenlee's Item Number: PA4932
  • PA1179 KT8 Round Cable Cutter
  • PA1116 Data SureStrip® UTP/STP & Flat Satin Cutter/Stripper
  • PA1257 LC-CST CATV "F" Coax Stripper
  • PA1923 Untwist Tool
  • PA1927 CATV "F" Flaring & Attachment Tool - RG6/RG6 QS
  • PA1559 SealTite® Pro Compression Crimper
  • PA1556 All-in-One Phone/Data tool
  • PA3589 SurePunch® Pro punchdown tool
  • PA4599 SurePunch® Pro detachable LED light
  • PA4572 110 blade
  • PA4591 Double 110 blade
  • PA4573 66 blade
  • PA4574 BIX blade
  • PA4575 Krone LSA blade
  • PA1543 LAN ProNavigator® tester & remote
  • PA1573 Telephone Test Set & LAN Cable-Check™
  • PA1902 RJ45 adapter
  • PA1900 Can wrench
  • (10) RJ22 handset plugs
  • (10) PA9520 RJ11/12 plugs, stranded flat cable
  • (10) PA9546 RJ45 plugs, Cat5e, solid, round cable
  • (10) PA9644 CATV "F" RG6/RG6 QS connectors
  • (2) PA901074 BNC-to-CATV "F" adapters
  • PA4923 Ultimate Tool Bag
  • Piano® plastic tackle box