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Founded in 2004, NUUO Inc. is one of the leading global surveillance solution providers known for its reliability, prompt service and innovative spirit. NUUO’s VMS and NVR solution offers comprehensive recording, monitoring, and seamless 3rd party solution integration for IP and analog cameras.

NUUO is committed to provide sophisticated yet powerful video-centric solution to its clients. With over 100,000 global installations, NUUO has a solution in place for every vertical industry including retail, education, industrial, transportation, hospitality, government and more. We provide a varied selection of dvr recorders and surveillance software from NUUO to reinforce your security system.

NUUO headquarter in Taiwan houses over 200 talented engineers and business professionals. With a US branch office and other field representatives in South Africa, India, and UK, NUUO offers unparalleled reliable support for all global regions.

For small retail applications, the NUUO NVRmini 2, NAS-based NVR Standalone 4 Channel is just the dvr recorder to get the job done. Enjoy full storage benefits like easy hard drive hot swapping and RAID functionality for data protection. This dvr recorder supports POS integration and has automatic port forwarding settings built in.

A security surveillance dvr recorder for larger scale enterprise solutions is the NUUO Crystal Titan, Linux NVR Standalone (Expandable to 64 IP Licenses), 8Bay. This device is rock solid, easy to manage, and offers the most powerful data recording and viewing options available. It features up to 32 terabytes of storage and occupies two rackmount spaces. It has modularized third party support and unlimited viewing capability for stable video recording performance.

NUUO understands the unique needs and challenges of your industry. We don’t engineer one-size-fits-all dvr recorders, but rather uniquely tailor made products to best accommodate your needs. NUUO vertical solutions are streamlined and simple to implement yet yields powerful results.

Taking retail industry for example, NUUO offers advanced retail solution with POS integration that also utilizes advanced video analytic solutions to complete a total solution compassing all aspects of retail monitoring, recording, and profit shrink prevention. Our ever advancing innovation can also bring immense benefits to other vertical markets such as industrial or education to reduce crime and raise productivity. Choose NUUO and experience how our advanced solutions can benefit your business.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. 951-824-1572

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