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CAT6A Bulk Stranded Cable

CAT6A Stranded Bulk Cable

Bulk CAT6A Stranded Ethernet Cable for Networking

Some bulk CAT6A stranded cable is manufactured with stranded copper conductors. This bulk cable is made with both shielding against EMI and stranded conductors lending it flexibility. It has a CM rated PVC jacket for high performance indoor networking applications. If you’re looking for a future proof solution, CyberXLink has just the thing for you.

The CAT6A Bulk Ethernet Patch Cable, Shielded U/FTP is perfect for making custom length CAT6A patch cords. Its stranded conductors are protected by polyethylene (PE) insulation. This CAT6A stranded cable is manufactured in compliance with standards verified by organizations such as TIA, ETL, and RoHS. This lends to superior, reliable quality product when you order CAT6A stranded patch cable from CyberXLink.

The four twisted pairs of this CAT6A stranded patch cable are individually foil shielded and has a tinned copper drain wire. The drain wire grounds excess electricity, preventing crosstalk and performance issues. This CAT6A stranded cable has conductors measuring 26 gauge. Commonly used for high density networking including for routers and switches.

Get connected with Shielded RJ45 Connectors for CAT6/6A/7 from CyberXLink! These RJ45 connectors have gold plated contacts to preserve signal integrity. They are ideal for termination with CAT6A stranded bulk patch cable. It has a slim strain relief and metal shielding against EMI.

Got Tools? CyberXLink has got you covered! Come prepared to your next Ethernet installation with the CAT6(A) Crimping Tool, Ratchet Type. This crimping tool is compatible with RJ45, RJ11, and RJ12 connectors, and works with both solid and stranded CAT6/6A outdoor cable. Its comfortable grip works well for extended periods of usage. Having the right tools makes the installation process smoother and more efficient, which saves you money.

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