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HDTV/CCTV/CATV Direct Burial Coaxial Cable

Direct Burial Coax Cable Made in USA

American Made HDTV, CCTV & CATV Direct Burial Coaxial Cable

When installing or replacing coaxial cable for television networking purposes, you’ll need a durable direct burial coaxial cable. CyberXLink provides outdoor coaxial cable ideal for running cable for satellite, cable television, and security systems. We have RG59 coaxial cable for wiring CCTV surveillance cameras, security alarms, and intrusion detection systems. Our RG6 coaxial cable is common for CATV applications.

RG59 coaxial cable is the general standard for wiring closed circuit security video and radio frequency applications. It has an impedance of 75 ohms making it suitable for low power, short distance applications. The RG59 Coaxial Cable, Direct Burial, Shielded Solid is a 20 AWG diameter outdoor coaxial cable. It has a solid bare copper conductor with 95% braided shielding to maintain signal integrity.

This RG59 coaxial cable also has water block tape protecting it from environmental conditions. The PVC jacket is sunlight resistant for outdoor durability. For wiring CATV systems, you’ll want a more robust coaxial cable like the RG6 Coaxial Cable, Direct Burial, Solid and Stranded. This multi-conductor outdoor coaxial cable has both an 18 AWG diameter solid conductor cable and a 16 AWG diameter seven stranded, two conductor line.

This RG6 coaxial cable has sequential footage markings and is sold in 1,000 foot increments. Water blocking tape makes this direct burial coaxial cable water resistant for outdoor resilience.

CyberXLink also provides excellent wire stripping and cutting tools like the All-In-One Stripping Tool. This stripping tool comes in handy for preparing direct burial cable for installation. Lightweight, compact, and versatile, the All-In-One Stripping Tool helps reduce installation time and costs. It has both cable cutting and stripping blades, and accommodates a wide range of materials including fire alarm, coax, twisted pair, security, telephone, and audio cables.

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