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RG6 CCTV Plenum Coaxial Cable

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RG6 CCTV Plenum Cable

RG6 coax being run through plenum airflow spaces must comply with higher standards to prevent the spread of smoke and flames in an emergency. We have RG6 Siamese cable and single conductor cable available with a plenum rated CMP jacket.

A 1,000 foot option for plenum CCTV cable CyberXLink offers is the RG6 Plenum Coaxial Cable, 18AWG CMP. It has an 18 gauge solid bare copper and 95% copper braid shielding. This maintains signal integrity in the face of EMI exposure. This RG6 plenum cable has a foamed FEP dielectric core and a CMP rated jacket. The cable jacket is marked in descending order so you know how much cable is left.

Your security or data network is only as strong as its weakest link. Make sure your coax connectors are suitable for your coaxial cable installation. CyberXLink carries RG6 Connectors for RG6 Siamese plenum cable like the Pro Snap N Seal™ BNC connector. Our connectors yield solid, reliable connections every time, which saves you time and money. We have RCA, BNC, and F connectors compatible with RG6 Siamese cable.

CyberXLink also has Coax Cutting and Stripping Tools to help prepare your RG6 Siamese cable for installation. Our coax stripping tools are reliable and precise, allowing the installer to strip coax without damaging the dielectric or the conductor. We have coax cutters that work consistently, and are durable to last.

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CMP Siamese Cable RG6 Coax BC 95% Braid, 18 AWG Power Spool 1000 White
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Item #: CC2-2771WH-61BC -
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Price: $502.10

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