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CAT3 Bulk Cable, Plenum CMP

Category 3 Voice & Phone Bulk Cable, Plenum CMP

Plenum rated Cat3 cable is twisted pair cable commonly used for voice applications when installed inside air spaces. A plenum area is any area like a drop ceiling used as an air return for an air conditioning system. CyberXLink provides Cat 3 cable with a plenum rated jacket designed to self-extinguish in a fire, which prevents the spread of fire and toxic fumes.

A popular Cat 3 cable CyberXLink offers for plenum applications is the Cat3 Plenum Bulk Cable, 25 Pair. This Cat 3 cable is 24 AWG in diameter and sold on 1,000 foot spools. This 300 volt cable is composed of unshielded solid copper conductors. The plenum rated CMP jacket meets and or exceeds the standards set by UL for CMP cable. This Cat 3 cable is also California State Fire Marshal Approved.

Another excellent option for voice applications is CyberXLink’s Cat3 Plenum Bulk Cable, 4 Pair. This unshielded Cat 3 cable features four pairs of solid bare copper conductors coated in a CMP PVC jacket. The Cat 3 cable meets or exceeds product standards EIA/TIA 568 and ISO/IEC 11801. It is sold in 1,000 foot increments in pull boxes.

Make sure you stock up on Cat3 keystone jacks before heading out to your next telecommunications install project. CyberXLink’s top-of-the-line MIG+ Cat3 Keystone Jack is a U-style keystone jack ideal for residential and commercial applications. This Cat3 keystone jack is color coded for TIA/EIA standards, and has a universal wiring scheme for a hassle free wiring system.

The MIG+ Cat3 keystone jack also features a fire retardant plastic housing making them safer than typical keystone jacks. It is suitable for 24-26 AWG solid wire and also fits 1U 12, 16, 24, and 48 port high density patch panels.

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CAT3 UTP Plenum Cable, White
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