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CAT6 Flat Patch Cable

Networking CAT6 Patch Cords

Flat CAT6 Patch Cables

Want to provide connectivity to hard to reach networking devices? CyberXLink supplies flat CAT6 patch cables with a slimmer design to fit around obstacles. Its slender design allows it to work around your networking area in an unobtrusive manner, providing plenty of ventilation room for server equipment. In business and residential environments, the flat CAT6 patch cable can connect printers and computers while fitting behind cubicles and furniture.

The CAT6 Ethernet Patch Cable, Flat, Snagless, Black is available in a factory injected molded boot design. The flat CAT6 patch cable has a molded bubble over the RJ45 release clip preventing it from catching on objects and causing cable snags. It is available in lengths ranging from ½ foot to up to 45 feet in a durable black PVC jacket.

This flat CAT6 patch cable has four pairs of eight stranded copper conductors and is terminated with high quality RJ45 connectors. The contacts are 50 Micron gold plated for superior signal conductivity. The patch cord is extremely slim, only 1.2mm thick!

Get your network organized with CyberXLink’s selection of horizontal and vertical CAT6 Patch Panels. These are designed to accommodate standardized 19” server racks and enclosures. Many of our patch panels are manufactured of solid 16 gauge steel with rounded edges for both safety and durability. It also provides a means of organizing and consolidating network connections through one location to minimize maintenance downtime.

CyberXLink is an end-to-end networking equipment provider, we have all the Networking Tools necessary to facilitate your project. CyberXLink provides a wide variety of networking tools including: cable crimpers, cable cutters, cable strippers, and even cable testers. Having the right tools for the job can yield dramatic savings, and get your project done under budget and on time

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Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable, Flat, Snagless
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