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CAT5E Bulk Stranded Cable

Networking Cat5e Stranded CM Rated Cables

CAT5E Stranded UTP Cable, Bulk Ethernet

The stranded CAT5E Ethernet cable is assembled with center conductors utilizing ultra-thin filaments of bare copper. This is what lends superior flexibility to CAT5E stranded cable over solid conductor cable. It is particularly useful for short distance runs such as for routing cable around office furniture. Stranded CAT5E Ethernet cable is best used for runs under 6 meters or 20 feet, as it doesn’t retain data signal as well as solid conductor cable.

The 1000FT CAT5E UTP Bulk Stranded Ethernet Cable, Bare Copper is manufactured with 24 AWG solid copper conductors with high density polyethylene insulation. When buying 1,000 foot CAT5E stranded Ethernet cable for indoor voice, video, data, and security networking, this is the way to go. It is rated for bandwidth speeds of up to 350MHz. and can be used for general purpose networking inside walls and non-plenum spaces.

This 1000 foot CAT5E stranded cable is sold in up to nine different color jackets and has sequential footage markings on the jacket. To maximize signal retention and improve performance, CyberXLink offers the 1000FT CAT5E Bulk Stranded Ethernet Cable, Shielded Bare Copper. Its 24 AWG stranded copper conductors are protected from EMI by aluminum foil and mylar shielding. This stranded shielded CAT5E Ethernet cable helps eliminate electrical interference by protecting the conductors and preventing electrical signal from escaping.

It is supplied in 1,000 foot pull boxes with sequential footage markers on the jacket.

Advantages of CAT5E Stranded Cable:
  • Tested up to 350MHz for high speed networking.
  • Flexible and pliable for short run installations.
  • Meets or exceeds CAT5E TIA and EIA specifications.
  • ETL verified.
  • Supplied in 1,000’ boxes.

Got connectors? CyberXLink has got you covered! We supply RJ45 Modular Plugs for terminating multi-conductor twisted pair cable. Our 8P8C RJ45 connectors are manufactured to the highest quality standards with superior build materials. They are available for both solid and stranded CAT5E Ethernet cable in both shielded and unshielded versions.

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CAT5E Ethernet Cable, CAT5E Shielded Cable, 1000’ - Black
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CAT5E Ethernet Cable, CAT5E Stranded Cable, 1000’ - Black
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