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NM Fittings & Connectors

NM Fittings and Connectors for Non-Metallic and EMT Conduit

This section includes conduit fittings for attaching non-metallic conduit sections and cables to conduit bodies. CyberXLink provides BX and MC cable connectors, combination couplings, duplex connectors, clamp type connectors, and water tight connectors.

If you’re connecting two pieces of BX flex, non-metallic or MC conduit into electrical boxes, CyberXLink offers the Duplex Connectors, BX - Flex, NM & MC Cable, Clamp Type, 3/8”. This duplex NM cable connector is zinc die cast and has a two screw clamp style connection. This NM cable connector can be used to attach flexible conduit or armored cable to electrical enclosures.

For non-metallic sheathed connections in dry environments, CyberXLink supplies the Cable Connectors, For NM Sheathed, Threaded, Plastic, 1/2" - 3/4". This NM cable connector is used to join non-metallic cable and flexible conduit sections with a knockout. It is available in both ½” and ¾” sizes and is threaded with a slit down the side to slip over the wire.

Need conduit body accessories and fittings? CyberXLink has got you covered! We provide a wide selection of access fittings for Conduit Bodies including but not limited to X, C, LL, LB, and LR access fittings and access pull elbows.

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