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Liquid Tight Conduit

Liquid Tight Electrical Conduit

Liquid Tight Conduit, Fittings, and Connectors

Liquid tight conduit is a section of electrical conduit commonly used to run cable from junction box to junction box. It is flexible and very easy to work with, it installs even quicker than rigid PVC conduit. CyberXLink provides liquid tight conduit that can be used for a myriad of applications including indoor, outdoor, and direct burial.

Liquid tight conduit can be exposed to sunlight, and resists abrasion, water penetration, oil, metal shavings, and corrosion. CyberXLink provides the Flexible Liquid Tight Metallic Conduit, EF PVC Jacket, Steel Core in diameter sizes ranging from 3/8” to 4.” It is durable enough to withstand damage from pulling or crushing. Liquid tight conduit is offered in trade sizes ranging from 3/8” to up to 2.” It has a smooth inside for easy wire pulling and does not have sharp edges for cable to catch on or cause damage to the conductors.

Save time and money by running liquid tight conduit; pull it out to the correct length, easily cut it with a utility knife, then slip it into the junction box and compress into place. It is flexible so you also save money by not requiring rigid PVC conduit sweeps or couplers to make connections.

We also supply connectors like the Liquid Tight Connectors, Component Type, 90 Degree Angle. These connectors are available in ½” to 4” diameter sizes to suit your application. They are used to connect liquid tight conduit into boxes or enclosures. They come with an insulated throat and are manufactured of malleable iron.

Come prepared to your conduit install project with one of CyberXLink’s high carbon utility knives, like the Utility Knife, Heavy Duty with Retractable 3 Blade Position. It comes with heavy-duty patented serrated replacement blades and has an over-molded grip for increased user comfort with a non-slip grip. The retractable multi-positional blade allows blade to be locked in 3 positions for versatility and secure cutting.

Thank you for visiting CyberXLink, we are your end-to-end provider of networking equipment and liquid tight conduit. We supply everything you need to get the job done under budget and on time, every time.

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Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings & Connectors
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