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CATV 160 & 200 Conduit

CATV Class 160 and 200 Conduit

CyberXLink provides special radius sweeps for CATV class 160 and 200 applications. These pieces of electrical conduit are specifically designed to accommodate CATV cables. They are manufactured for ease of installation and superior durability. Our special radius sweeps for CATV 160 conduit come in sizes 1 ½ and 2.

CATV 160 conduit sweeps are provided in radii including 18”, 24”, and 36”. They come in 90º, 45º, and 22 ½º sweeps for CATV 160 conduit. CyberXLink supplies CATV 200 conduit in size 2 in both 90º and 45º sweeps. We offer 18”, 24”, and 36” radii dimensions for these.

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