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Video Processors

Video Processors

Video Processors

Video processing is a manner of signal processing utilizing video filters where the input and output signals consist of video files or streams. These are used inside televisions, VCRs, DVRs, and video scalers. CyberXLink offers quad color video processing units and H.264 PCI-E video capture cards to improve the efficiency of your CCTV recording system.

The Color 4 Channel Quad Video Processor features a variety of modes to enhance color video feeds from CCTV cameras. Connect the 1-4 line video signal of camera and then brightness, saturation, contrast color, HUE and sharpness. It has a high performance amplification function to zoom in on an image. Video loss detection and motion detection modes can store over 60 reports and a built in buzzer provides warnings.

CyberXLink supplies video processing units like the Real Time Quad Switcher with Looping. This video processor has a date and time generator, looping video inputs, and has an adjustable dwell time. It delivers 30FPS real time viewing with OSD control of all major functions. It has individual camera picture adjustment and an LED power indicator as well.

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Color 4 Channel Quad Processor
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