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CAT6A 10G Molded Boot Patch Cable

Networking CAT6A Patch Cords

CAT6A Ethernet Patch Cables With Molded Boot

The performance of your 10G data network is only as strong as its weakest link. Reinforce your network with CAT6A booted patch cables from CyberXLink. CAT6A exhibits superior crosstalk prevention to handle noise at higher frequencies than CAT6 can handle. Our CAT6A booted patch cables have been speed tested to up to 600 MHz.

Stay connected with CyberXLink’s CAT6A booted patch cables for all your indoor voice, video, and data networking projects. The CAT6A Ethernet Patch Cable, Molded Boot, Black, 5ft is manufactured with eight stranded bare copper conductors organized into four color striped twisted pairs. They are terminated with RJ45 connectors with 50 Micron gold plated contacts to maintain signal clarity.

These CAT6A molded boot patch cables are engineered to minimize alien crosstalk (AXT), which is especially important when running cables close together. They are also backwards compatible with legacy network components including CAT6, CAT5E, and CAT5. This 24 gauge CAT6A booted patch cable has a black PVC jacket safe for installation inside walls but not in air ducts or plenum spaces.

Organize your network with CAT6A Patch Panels and avoid lengthy maintenance downtime. CyberXLink supplies both shielded and unshielded patch panels to manage network connections from one centralized location. Manufactured of solid 16 gauge steel with rounded edges, our patch panels are durable and safe to work with. We also provide high density patch panels to make the most of compact networking space.

CyberXLink also carries CAT6A Keystone Jacks to support your high speed network. Our 10G data grade keystone jacks are slim, tool-less, and easy to install. We also offer CAT6A shielded keystone jacks to maintain even stronger signal propagation. CyberXLink’s end-to-end cabling solutions ensure quality, hassle-free network performance.

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