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Fiber Certifier

Fiber Certifier

Fiber Optic Certifier

Certification of new cabling per IEEE, TIA/EIA, or ISO/IEC standards is necessary to ensure that the link will run the intended application. Complete fiber optic cabling certification includes two parts; Tier 1 or Basic Test Regimen and Tier 2 or Extended Test Regimen. Tier one fiber optic cabling certification is performed with a power meter and light source or optical loss test set like the CertiFiber Pro to measure the absolute loss of the link and compare it to the limits in the standard. Tier two fiber optic cabling certification and troubleshooting can be performed with an OTDR such as the OptiFiber Pro OTDR.

Certification of fiber optic links requires the right testing equipment, detailed knowledge of installation and application standards, and the ability to document your test results.

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