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CAT6 Shielded Molded Snagless Boot Crossover Patch Cable

Networking CAT6 Patch Cords

Shielded CAT6 Crossover Patch Cables With Molded Boot

Shielded CAT6 crossover patch cables are utilized to connect computing devices without using a hub or a switch. CyberXLink supplies shielded CAT6 crossover cables fitted with premium quality RJ45 connectors with 50 Micron gold plated contacts. This improves signal conductivity and data retention. Our shielded CAT6 crossover patch cables also have a strain relief boot design to minimize the chance of cable damage.

The CAT6 Shielded Crossover Ethernet Patch Cable, Strain Relief Boot w/ Bubble, Gray is the ideal solution for indoor voice, video, and data networking. The boot on this shielded CAT6 crossover patch cable has a protective bubble over the release tab, preventing it from catching on objects when cable is pulled. This patch cord is available in lengths ranging from 3 feet to up to 75 feet.

It is made with stranded bare copper conductors lending to its flexibility. Aluminum foil shielding protects the conductors from outside electrical interference, making this cable a more reliable option when running patch cords around high voltage. This shielded CAT6 crossover patch cable has a general purpose gray PVC jacket making it safe for installing inside walls but not from floor to floor or through plenum spaces.

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CAT6 Shielded Crossover Ethernet Patch Cable
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