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Utility Knives

Utility Knives

Utility Knives and Box Cutters

Sharp, secure cutting instruments often come in handy on field installations and networking projects. We supply a variety of folding utility knives for box cutting and multi-purpose functions. Our selection of utility knives are all manufactured of solid, durable materials for a long useful life.

The Heavy Duty Folding Utility Knife has a three position, retractable blade making this utility knife easy to use and safe. A pop-up holder on this utility knife provides convenient blade storage. Additional quick-change and locking features ensure that jobs will be faster, safer and easier. It has an over molded comfortable grip.

Another popular utility knife CyberXLink offers is the Hawk Folding Utility Knife. This utility knife includes a fixed blade and folding pocket knives. Each blade on this knife is manufactured by Schrade® with premium-grade high carbon 440C steel alloy. It is one of the hardest, strongest types of stainless steel with excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance properties. The premium rosewood finish on this utility knife is contoured for a comfortable grip.

CyberXLink is an end-to-end networking products provider. Be sure to come prepared to your next installation project with adequate Cable Tools including: cable cutters, crimping tools, and cable stripping tools. Our tools are manufactured of the finest quality materials and are built to last. Having quality tools not only saves you time, but also money as you get projects done right the first time.

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