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Telephone Test Kits


Telephone Test Kit, Telephone Line Tester

When preparing a telecom installation and you want to protect your equipment from an unknown telephone system, you’ll want a telephone test set. A telephone test set is useful for major telecom wiring projects, as well as residential applications to verify line integrity. CyberXLink provides telephone test sets and phone line testers.

A popular telephone test set is the Telephone Test Set, Nautilus Phone Tester with Two-Way Hands Free and DigAlert. This device allows a technician to determine the presence of digital traffic on a phone line for line maintenance, servicing, or installation. The Nautilus telephone test set offers the latest technology for data protection.

The Nautilus telephone test set can test POTS service on a live ADSL line without risk of bringing down the data service. The weatherproof case design allows telco technicians to work under inclement weather with complete confidence. This telephone test set also includes a high voltage alarm and a quick release non-metallic belt clip made of Verton® RF composite material.

Another telephone test set offered by CyberXLink is the Telephone Test Set, Tele-Mate Phone Tester. The Greenlee TM-500 Tele-Mate offers technicians the convenience of line powered operation, so no battery is required for operation. It has a high impendence monitor which is data and DSL secure, polarity test, speed dial, last number dialed and pulse dialing, making a technician more productive. This telephone test set can be used with a headset for hands-free operation.

Make sure you come prepared to your next telco installation project. CyberXLink provides a wide selection of Telco Tools to help you complete your next job efficiently and under budget. We provide a variety of crimping tools and punchdown tools to assist with your next project.

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