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CAT6 Keystone Jack, Toolless

CAT6 Toolless Keystone Jacks

Looking for a self-terminating low cost connectivity solution for your high speed network? Look no further, CyberXLink supplies toolless CAT6 keystone jacks that will save you time and money. These keystone jacks have termination blades incorporated into their design, and are also re-usable.

The CAT6 EZ-SnapJack™ Keystone Jack, Toolless delivers professional results in a snap. Eight separate punch downs are no longer required to terminate cable with these CAT6 toolless keystone jacks. Wire guide helps keep twisted pairs organized and in proper order to insert into jack. The CAT6 EZ-SnapJack™ Keystone Jack is available in up to eleven different colors, and is popularly used to repair damaged jacks on the spot.

CyberXLink also carries U-style CAT6 toolless keystone jacks which save you the cost of a punch down tool. The CAT6 Toolless Keystone Jack, Unshielded, U-Style was built with the user in mind. The T568 A/B wiring guide helps expedite termination using the built in punch down mechanism. The jack itself is meticulously designed for exceptional performance with 50 micro inch gold plated RJ45 contacts. Phosphor bronze IDC contacts prevent rusting, ensuring a long useful life. It is sold in up to nine different colors to suit the project at hand.

We have end-to-end networking products to help you upgrade your data network. Our CAT6 Ethernet Patch Cables are available in a multitude of lengths and colors. Our CAT6 patch cables deliver network speeds up to 550MHz, and conform to TIA/EIA standards. The conductors are made up of stranded copper wire, and the RJ45 plug is 50 micron gold plated. Our CAT6 patch cables are available in one to 150 foot lengths.

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CAT6 EZ-SnapJack™ Keystone Jack, Toolless, Available in Many Colors EZ-SnapJack, EZ-SnapJack cat6, wall jack tool, EZ-SnapJack cat6 installer pack, EZ-SnapJack cat6 almond
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