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TOGGLER® Plastic Drywall Anchors

Plastic Drywall Anchors by TOGGLER®

Plastic drywall anchors from TOGGLER® provides secure holding power for light and medium duty loads in walls and ceilings. It locks onto mounting surfaces between 5/8” and ¾” in depth for vibration proof holding. These drywall anchors also serve as a wedge anchor when installed in material thicker than its grip range. In solid walls and wooden studs it serves as an expansion anchor.

CyberXLink supplies TOGGLER drywall anchors in 5/8” – ¾” grip range and 3/8” – ½” grip ranges. The Drywall Anchors, TOGGLER® Hollow Wall Anchor, 5/8” – 3/4” Grip locks onto the wall, forming rigid weight distribution truss for high strength. It works with any screw size between #6 and #14. Common applications for this drywall anchor include: hanging shelves, bathroom accessories, draperies, and mirrors. It is available in 5, 20, and 100 piece package sizes.

  • 1 Setting Key
  • Locks on wall, forming rigid weight-distributing truss for high strength
  • Anti-rotation fins prevent spinning —anchor won't destroy wall or ceiling
  • All sizes install in only a small 5/16" hole
  • Largest grip range for each anchor
  • Versatile - use any size screw #6 – #14
  • Kitchen, bathroom, garage, industrial shelving
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Medicine cabinets
  • Towel and grab bars
  • Draperies, curtain rods, and blinds
  • Mirrors and picture frames

CyberXLink also supplies the Drywall Anchors, TOGGLER® Hollow Wall Anchor, 3/8” – 1/2” Grip as an alternative grip range option. It has anti-rotation fins preventing them from spinning and causing damage to walls or ceilings. These drywall anchors install in holes as small as 5/16.” It is provided with one setting key. These work best when installed in drywall or gypsum board.

CyberXLink can help you prepare for any home or office project on the horizon with our selection of Specialty Tools. We have screwdriver sets to facilitate your drywall anchor screw install. All our tools are manufactured of quality materials and designed to stand the test of time. Thank you for visiting our website.

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TOGGLER® Commercial Plastic Toggle Drywall Anchors with 1 setting key with head screws - 5pcs
Item #: ANC-50325-HW -
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Availability: In Stock
Price: $3.54-$25.10

TOGGLER® Residential Plastic Toggle Drwyall Anchors with 1 setting key and head screws - 5pcs
Item #: ANC-50300-HW -
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Availability: In Stock
Price: $3.19-$21.80

Products 1-2 of 2