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Direct Burial RG59 Cable

RG59 Direct Burial Coaxial Cable

RG59 direct burial cable has jacketing designed to handle exposure to the elements, since it is intended for installation in conduits, or underground. Coaxial cable lacking water repelling properties would degrade over time from exposure to the elements. Moisture is one of the largest reasons for the failure of coaxial cable, so our RG59 direct burial cable is coated in polyvinylchloride jacketing.

CyberXLink supplies Coaxial Cable, RG59 Outdoor, 20 AWG, Siamese with a flame resistant polyvinylchloride jacket suitable for direct burial. This RG59 direct burial cable has 95% copper braided shielding, providing maximum protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI.) It contains a coaxial cable for video and a pair of 18 gauge conductors for power, giving you the ability to run AC or DC power to your cameras.

Siamese RG59 direct burial cable is ideal for wiring surveillance systems since a single cable run can provide both data and power to the cameras. It is made up of both a 20AWG solid bare copper conductor for data, and an 18AWG conductor for power. Our RG59 direct burial cable is available in both 500’ and 1,000’ wooden spools. This is ideal for audio/video, radio frequency, CATV, MATV, and CCTV applications.

Short runs of RG59 direct burial cable tend to use BNC connectors like CyberXLink’s Pro Snap N Seal ™ RG59 Universal BNC Connector. This BNC connector features a patented 360 degree floating pin basket in its design. The pin basket makes insertion of the cable conductor easier and more accurate. Once the pin basket is properly aligned within the connector, it is compressed around the cable center conductor by an outer plastic sleeve.

You might also consider CyberXLink’s SealSmart Compression Crimp Tool for preparing your RG59 direct burial cable for installation. This compression crimp tool with its straight action mechanism provides 360 degree uniform compression, for quick, consistent terminations. The crimp height is adjustable for use with different types of compression connectors.

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RG59 Siamese, 1000, Wooden Spool, Black, (1) 20AWG Bare Copper Coaxial Cable with 95% Bare Copper Braid
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