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A video balun, or VGA balun is typically used in surveillance systems allowing you to wire the security system with unshielded twisted pair cable (Category cable) instead of coaxial cable. The video balun provides installers with more cost effective cabling solutions. When Ethernet cable is utilized for data networking, it is established with a 100 ohm impedance. If a more affordable Ethernet cable is used instead of coax, the video balun converts the resistance level to a 75 ohm impedance for security wiring.

CyberXLink’s Passive VGA Balun/Extender eliminates the need to use bulky VGA cables in favor of Cat5/6 Ethernet cable. This video balun transmits the VGA signal hundreds of feet instead of just being limited to 30 feet using VGA cables alone. This two piece video balun set is small and compact, and transmits up to 600 feet without power required.

CyberXLink is your one stop shop for networking gear. We carry a wide variety of Cat6 Ethernet Cable to make your installation run smoothly. Our Cat6 Ethernet cable is either UL listed or ETL verified, so you can rest assured you’re getting top quality product. While most Ethernet cable is tested for speeds up to 250MHz, CyberXLink’s Cat6 Ethernet is rated up to 600MHz.

Got Tools? We offer a wide selection of Cable Crimpers, Cutters, Strippers, and Testers.

Whatever the nature of your networking project, CyberXLink has the solution for you. Our products are all top quality and dependable. Our professional customer service team is eager to assist you with any questions you may have. Thank you for visiting our site.

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Passive VGA Balun / Extender
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