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HDMI Matrix Switch

HDMI Matrix Switches

The HDMI matrix switch combines the features of both a signal splitter and a switch. Utilizing an HDMI matrix switch you can use multiple sources and switch between them on one display like a switch. You can also display the same signal on multiple displays at the same time like a splitter. The HDMI matrix switch can also display different signals on different output devices.

CyberXLink offers the HDMI Switch, 2x4 Matrix with IR Remote Control Extension, 3D which supports up to two source devices and four displays. Input from one source device can be mirrored on all the four displays or a separate input can be displayed on different output devices. Source devices can be controlled remotely with this HDMI matrix switch.

It supports full 1080p resolution with 3D. The built in equalizer supports output on HDMI cables up to 60 feet long.

If you’re managing four input devices and four output devices, we also provide the HDMI Switch, 4x4 Matrix with IR Remote Control Extension, 3D. It boasts many of the same features of the 2x4 HDMI matrix switch only this one can accommodate more source devices. With the IR extension function, this HDMI matrix switch lets you control source devices remotely. This HDMI matrix switch can be desktop or wall mounted. It has an LED display for input/output selection.

Need new HDMI cables? CyberXLink has got you covered with our High Speed HDMI Cable, Male to Male, which comes in lengths ranging from 3’ to up to 60’. 24k gold plated contacts allows for optimum signal clarity, while triple layer shielding defends against EMI. These HDMI cables support a wide range of HDTV formats including 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. They are commonly used for applications including: HDTV, LCD, Plasma televisions, Blu-Ray, video game consoles, A/V receivers, and HDMI monitors.

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