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Transmitters & Receivers

CCTV Security Transmitters & Receivers

Transmitters & Receivers

Closed circuit television security systems commonly use wireless transmitters to send and receive video and audio signals. The transmitter receives data signals from CCTV cameras on the network then sends them to the DVR or monitoring device. It can be utilized to turn conventional wired analog cameras into wireless network cameras.

CyberXLink provides the 5.8 GHz Wireless CCTV Transmitter Set which transmits video signals up to 300 feet. This wireless transmitter has eight available frequency channels to select from, so you can optimize for the channel with the lowest interference. It includes BNC connectors on both the transmitter and the receiver for quick and easy setup. It also has a built in alarm trigger input for a remote sensor.

We are an end-to-end provider of security products including an extensive selection of Bullet Cameras. We have analog, IP, and HD bullet cameras to suit the requirements of just about any surveillance system. Our bullet cameras come in both indoor and outdoor versions, including some with weatherproof designs.

Order from CyberXLink, and upgrade your home or business security system today!

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Wireless Directional Antenna, 5.8 GHZ
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