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RG59 Coaxial Cable Jumpers

RG59 Security Cable Jumpers

Security RG59 Coax Jumper Cables

RG59 jumper cables are typically short length coaxial cables meant for low frequency applications like wiring audio/video networks. RG59 coax has long been a staple in CATV/CCTV wiring because of its reliability and affordability. CyberXLink’s RG59 jumper cables are all top quality, and feature a shielded BNC connector.

The RG59 Coaxial Jumper Cable is suitable for 75 ohm audio/video transmissions. The attached BNC connector has a bayonet locking device to maintain a snug fit connection.

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RG59 Coax Cable Jumper, BNC Male Connectors, 75 Ohm, 3 Feet, Black
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