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Blank Keystone Inserts

Networking Blank Keystone Inserts

Blank Keystone Inserts for Wall Plates, Patch Panels, and Surface Mount Boxes

Unused open ports in wall plates expose the network to potential hazards from foreign objects. Keeping those ports covered prevents dust, insects, and foreign objects from interfering with network connections. We supply standard blank keystone inserts and HD blank keystone inserts in several different colors.

Keep your wall plates professional and tidy with a Blank Keystone Insert, Snap In. These blank modules easily snap into unused ports on a wall plate. It is available in almond, ivory, and white colors. Our IN1- series blank keystone inserts are compatible with our WP1- series of wall plates and standard patch panels.

CyberXLink also supplies Blank Keystone Insert, Snap In, HD Style which easily snap into wall plate and patch panels. These blank keystone inserts fit into our WP2- series wall plates and high density patch panels. These also fit into many surface mount boxes, and can be easily removed if the ports are used at a later time.

CyberXLink provides Keystone Wall Plates to secure networking connections within a home or office. They serve both a functional and decorative purpose as they protect network connections from dust and foreign objects. Keystone wall plates also hide networking cables from view, both securing them from tampering and keeping a tidy, organized appearance.

We are an end-to-end supplier of networking products including bulk cable, tools, and connectivity products. Our products are backed by our knowledgeable team who are ready to assist you with any questions you might have.

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Blank Keystone Insert, Snap In, HD Style
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Blank Keystone Insert, Keystone Inserts
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