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EMT Fittings | EMT Conduit Fittings

At CyberXLink it is our goal to provide all the networking supplies to make your installation project run smoothly. When installing conduit on an electrical job, you’ll want high quality EMT fittings to hold the conduit in place. The EMT fitting is coupler or connector that joins one piece of conduit to another piece of conduit or a junction box.

CyberXLink offers a wide selection of EMT fittings including: locknuts, combination couplers, compression connectors, and conduit bushings. When using a locknut connector, the EMT fitting is inserted into the box then through the hole with the threaded end then being secured with a locking ring.

The other end usually has a screw-set or compression ring that is tightened down onto the inserted conduit. There are also other EMT fittings that connect and keep the conduit in place. A screw-set fitting uses a screw or bolt to tighten the EMT fitting into place. Another example is a compression connector that uses a dual-bolt ring on both sides of the insert area to compress and seal the two joining piece together.

CyberXLink offers EMT fittings made of steel, aluminum, or are zinc die-cast. Our fittings are lightweight and easy to install while protecting cable from moisture, chemical vapors, and physical impact.

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