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EMT Straps

Pipe Strap | EMT Strap

Electric metal tubing straps are designed for strength and durability. Conduit pipe straps offered by CyberXLink are intended to keep conduit in place while providing support. Cities generally have regulations for the placement of EMT conduit and pipe straps.

In some cases a pipe strap must be placed three feet from a junction box, with one placed every ten feet afterward. The EMT pipe strap is also useful for vertical applications in high rise buildings. Conduit requires support for runs exceeding approximately 130 feet. Be sure to verify code regulations prior to laying conduit, and purchase the necessary pipe straps from CyberXLink.

We also provide a wide selection of EMT Fittings including locknuts, combination couplers, and conduit bushings to facilitate conduit installation. CyberXLink’s EMT fittings are lightweight and easy to install while protecting cable from moisture, chemical vapors, and physical damage.

CyberXLink also provides a variety of Conduit Bodies which protect cable runs from outside elements while providing easy access for technicians. With our conduit bodies in place, the technician can easily pull, test, and re-insert a cable run. Conduit bodies also allow you to make conduit connections.

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