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Power Strip | Surge Protector

Ever blown a fuse? Electrical surges or power spikes can occur at any time, often resulting in blown fuses, and sometimes damaged equipment. Reinforcing your home theater system and data network with a surge protector can help mitigate the threat of power fluctuations. Power spikes can occur from changes in the power grid, as well as from environmental conditions like thunderstorms. A surge protector protects electrical devices from voltage spikes by either blocking or shorting the current, and grounding high voltages.

The surge protector is especially important in home theater systems for protecting expensive, delicate components, as well as high definition televisions. Even small power fluctuations can damage electronic equipment, so it’s best to be prepared.

The Power Guard 19” Rack Mount Surge Protector provides over 1,000 Joules of surge protection from eight superior metal oxide varistors (MOVs.) This surge protector has RJ11 and RJ45 jacks that provide surge protection and EM/RFI filtration for telephone and network devices. The main power switch can shut off IEC outlets, and it has a push button reset for the circuit breaker.

Another option offered by CyberXLink is the 6-Outlet Power Strip, with Surge Protector. Ideal for both commercial and residential applications, this power strip both powers and protects up to six devices. The power strip is UL listed, and is equipped with a circuit breaker which will shut off all power. Eliminate overload and then reset by pressing switch to reset position. This power strip handles a maximum spike current of 4,500 amps, and a maximum surge voltage of 6,500 volts.

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