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Telecom Protection

Phone Line Testers

Telecom devices like faxes and modems are susceptible to radio frequency interference caused by radio transmitters close to telephone lines. Using a phone line tester when traveling allows you to protect your computer from over voltage. CyberXLink offers a phone line tester like the TELcheck Pro Phone Line Tester with Noise Filter.

This phone line tester is both a line checker and a noise filter. It identifies that the phone line is live, checks that its analog or digital. The phone line tester also checks the polarity of the phone line. Using this device with a laptop will protect the modem from incorrect voltage and minimize interference.

CyberXLink offers a variety of Ethernet cable testers to verify the integrity of your data network infrastructure. The LANsmart Pro - RoHS Compliant, is one of the most versatile Ethernet cable tester devices on the market. This handheld Ethernet cable tester is compact and easy to use, while retaining the same great features of the original LANsmart. It serves as a port finder, cable length meter, digital and analog tone generator, and remote identifier. The Ethernet cable tester even identifies the short location in a cable.

CyberXLink is more than just a networking cable provider. We offer end to end solutions for the cable technician and installer. If you need to make repairs after diagnosing a network, we have just the Crimping Tools to get the job done right, and quickly. We have crimping tools for a wide variety of applications including: RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, BNC, RCA, F connectors, and fiber optic connectors. Our experienced technicians are eager to assist you with any questions you may have.

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