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CAT7/CAT7A Bulk Ethernet Cable

Networking CAT7/7A Ethernet Cable

Bulk CAT7/7A Ethernet Cables for 10G Networking

10G networking applications rely upon higher standards to mitigate EMI and crosstalk. Category 7 and 7A Ethernet cable involves conductors with greater levels of shielding. Our bulk CAT7 Ethernet cable has individually shielded twisted pairs and 23 gauge solid copper conductors. This lends to its superior quality for 1000Base-T data networking.

If you’re looking for the future proof solution, look no further, the 1000FT CAT7 Bulk Ethernet Cable, Dual Shielded is tested for bandwidths up to 850MHz. This 1000FT CAT7 Ethernet cable has four pairs of 23 AWG solid copper conductors with individually foil shielded conductors. It is sold on spools of 1,000 feet with a low smoke zero halogen jacket.

This makes the 1000FT CAT7 Ethernet cable suitable for outdoor installations with its robust jacket. It also has foam skin polyethylene insulation, and aluminum shielding helps eliminate electrical interference.

Adhering to even higher standards for data networking, the CAT7A Bulk Ethernet Cable, Dual Shielded Solid Copper has individually shielded twisted pairs and dual shielding. It is dual shielded with 23 AWG conductors are solid bare copper with a tinned copper braid outer shield. This CAT7A Ethernet cable is tested for 10G network speeds at a bandwidth of 1,200MHz.

The jacket is low smoke zero halogen, producing minimal smoke and fumes when subject to burning. A tinned copper drain wire grounds electricity after it has been terminated.

Arrived prepared for your next high speed networking project with CyberXLink’s Shielded RJ45 Connector for CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7. These shielded RJ45 connectors have a slim strain relief and work with both solid and stranded Ethernet. The strain relief prevents cable snags, while the gold contacts prevent signal loss.

If you have a question about how bulk CAT7 Ethernet cable can improve your network's performance, our friendly, experienced customer service representatives can assist you. Invest in CyberXLink’s bulk cable, and future proof your network. Thank you for visiting our website.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 951-824-1572

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CAT 7A Ethernet Cable, Shielded CAT 7A Cable, Indoor/Outdoor, 10G, 1000’ Black
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CAT 7 Ethernet Cable, Shielded, CAT 7 Cable, Indoor/Outdoor , 10G, 1000’ Black
Item #: C7OS-114BK -
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CAT7 Ethernet Cable, Shielded CAT 7 Cable, Indoor, 10G, 1000’ - Gray
Item #: C7SS-116GY -
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Price: $488.99

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