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Plenum LMR®400 50 Ohm Cable with Male N-Type Connectors, 1000ft

Plenum LMR 400® 50 Ohm Cable with Male N-Type Connectors, 1000ft
Item #: LMR400NMP-1000
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Image shown above is terminated at 2 feet. Product is 1000 feet terminated. Sold only in conjunction with a Cellular Distribution System. Not for individual sale.

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Plenum LMR®400 50 Ohm Cable with Male N-Type Connectors, 1000ft

The CDS product line includes several recommended accessories to ease the installation experience by ensuring the proper equipment is available for the best possible enhancement of your in-building wireless service. These high-gain antennas and cabling accessories have been tested and evaluated explicitly for use with the CDS systems, to ensure your CDS rack-mount unit, cabling and antenna components all function to the highest system level performance. Poor choice of antennas can inhibit the transmission in and out of the building, and impedance mismatch and termination problems of cable assemblies can cause failure of active RF components over time.

Warranty Information

Each CDS kit is backed by a one-year product warranty from OCC. The products must receive normal and proper use and due care in handling. Normal wear and tear; deterioration due to aging, or damage caused by environmental conditions, electromagnetic interference ("EMI") or radio frequency interference ("RFI") shall not constitute a defect or failure under this warranty. These warranties do not cover defects resulting from accidents, alterations, unauthorized repair, misuse, fire, flood, lightning strike damage, acts of God, or any diverse changes in temperature and climate not considered normal for an interior building infrastructure. All installation records must be updated to reflect any maintenance, movements, additions, or changes, and such records shall be made available to OCC upon request.