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Mil Spec Fiber Cable

Why Use Military Grade Fiber Optic Cable?

Today’s military personnel face a multitude of challenges due to the ever changing operation theater. To improve safety and maximize situational awareness, U.S. and allied military forces continue to upgrade communications and monitoring infrastructure. Investing in fiber optic systems as a cost-effective network alternative provides essential communications solutions, including greater bandwidth for real-time voice, data and video applications, all in easily deployable platform.

It is equally as critical that these communication systems yield a reliable network between the theater and command control center. Military approved and certified fiber optic cables and harsh environment connectors offer the reliability and performance needed when communications are vital for the success of the mission. Designed for uncompromised dependability in the harshest of conditions, these military-grade physical plant fiber cables and connectivity products have been tested to the most extreme military standards and are "real world" battlefield proven.

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How Do Military Fiber Communications Work?

Below you will find a helpful diagram to demonstrate a typical military fiber optic communication line and the products CyberXLink has to offer to ensure the best performance and durability in crucial situations.

Each red dot shows a military grade fiber optic product and gives more information when clicked.

Government Purchase Order Information

At CyberXLink, we sell only the highest quality products and accept government purchase orders for not only our MIL-SPEC fiber product line, but also the rest of our extensive product line.

Below you will find the necessary information to submit a government purchase order to CyberXLink.

DUNS: 808390459
Registered with the NSA Acquisition Center (ARC)
Legal Business Name: CRN SOLUTIONS, INC.
Doing Business As (DBA): CYBERXLINK
Division Name: CYBERXLINK

Please send all POs to sales@cyberxlink.com.

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*Our extensive client list includes the government entities above among many others.

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MIL-TAC Fiber Cable

Purchase Military Tactical Cable

OCC's military tactical cable is ideal for outdoor applications where deployment and retrieval for reuse is required. Having an extremely strong, lightweight and rugged design, the mil tac cable is designed for military tactical field use and commercial applications. These tactical fiber cables have been tested for and are currently in use in military data communication applications worldwide.

With options to be prespooled on deployable reels for a ready-to-use product and pre-terminated with single fiber or ruggedized multichannel connectors, these military tactical cables can be customized to your specific application.

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MIL-SPEC Connectors

MIL-SPEC Connectors For Sale

MIL-SPEC connectors are typically plugs or so-called male connectors with a protruding ferrule that holds the fibers and aligns two fibers for mating. They use a mating adapter to mate the two harsh environment connectors that fits the securing mechanism of the connectors (bayonet, screw-on or snap-in). A primary specification issue for military connectors is insertion loss, i.e., the amount of light lost in the connection expressed in dB.

These military connectors, and their evolutionary derivatives, are often called Military Standard, "MIL-STD", or (informally) "MIL-SPEC" connectors. They are now used in aerospace, industrial, marine, and even automotive commercial applications.

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MARS Reels

Buy MARS Deployable Fiber Optic Cable Reels

The Modular Advanced Reel System (MARS) is the industry’s first lightweight cable deployment reel system designed specifically for the demanding needs of harsh-environment fiber optic installations. Unlike traditional metal-style reels, MARS deployable fiber optic cable reels are a lightweight, modular system constructed of an impact modified polymer that is easily transported and is ideal for applications where cable needs to be deployed and reeled in quickly and stored efficiently.

In addition, the MARS system offers a variety of deployment options including optional frames, backpacks, shipping cases, and cable acquisition platforms throughout. This enables customers to meet the demands of diverse applications and uses with one modular reel and accessories platform.

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