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Amplifiers & Splitters

Our amplifiers splitters enable you to amplify, split, extend, and convert, you audio/video signal into something that works with your HDMI devices. Amplifiers and splitters all you to add HDMI output capability to your DVI sources so HDMI TVs can be used with your DVI sources with sound. Our HDMI Amplifiers and splitters are all HDCP, and RoHS Compliant. Additionally, they are all FCC and CE certified. Thus, you can be rest assured that your digital signals are properly distributed without losing signal quality.

HDMI/DVI/VGA Extenders

HDMI extenders allow you to extend your HDMI signal into farther lengths by amplifying the signal. HDMI uses High-definition Content Protection (HDCP) to protect the copying of digital audio and video content. Because long cables can cause the HDCP to be unstable, HDCP must be must be multiplexed with TMDS video signals to comply with HDCP requirements.

In order to extend the signal to products a stable HDCP signal, amplifiers and repeaters allow you to extend and combine HDMI cables. To boost the signal, these devices require and external power source.

HDMI/DVI Splitters

We have HDMI/VGA splitters that can split an HDMI input signal up to eight ways, amplifying the signal up to 75 feet. Many of our HDMI splitters support an IR extension function, which transmits the remote control signal through the HDMI. For example, an 8 Way HDMI Splitter allow you to distribute the HDMI signal of one device across eight output devices. A VGA 2 Way Splitter displays a single source transmission on two VGA monitors. It works by amplifying video signals up to 180 feet, and is excellent for transmitting presentation data from a desktop computer to a television display.