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Alarm & Security Cable

In today's economy, you cannot afford to not protect your assets. As such, you need security and surveillance cable that you can rely on. Proper security products and equipment provide protection against burglars, vandals and thieves, and also helps against any other safety concerns you may have. It is for this reason that CyberXLink offers security alarm cable that is of the highest caliber.

What is Security Alarm Cable?

Security Alarm Cable is a very general cable that includes RG59 cable, access control cable, communications cable, and fire alarm cable.

  • RG59 cable is ideal for security surveillance system installation, such as running a line from your video camera (view Security Alarm for our video cameras) to your DVR and video processor. You can terminate your RG59 security cable with coaxial connector and coaxial crimpers.
  • Access Control Cable is a multi-conductor cable that is used in restricted control applications such as card readers, retinal scanners, motion control, and more.
  • Communications Cable is a general purpose telecommunications cable that meets ISO/IEC 11801 standards and is suitable for a wide variety of applications such as analog/ISDN telephony, data communications, building control, and factory automation.
  • Fire Alarm Cable is cable for fire alarms. We carry plenum, non-plenum, and riser rated fire alarm cables.

The right security system starts with your cable. High-quality cable provides peace of mind, not to mention a sense of protection and safety. Equally important is getting your security alarm cable from a reputable supplier like CyberXLink. All of our security alarm cable is third party tested to meet and exceed UL and ETL standards to ensure that you get top of the line products. Click on any link for more information and products. We’d love to get you what you need.

Additional Info:
Our security and surveillance cables also feature high flex outer PVC jackets for use in outdoor, CMR, and CMP applications. For your convenience, our alarm and security cables feature 2, 3 or 4 solid bare copper cores that are color coded for easy identification, making your installations easier. Cables are available in 500’ coil packs and 1000’ pull box packaging.

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