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Home Theater:

With top of the line products at exceptional prices, we are your one stop shop for all of your Low Voltage Home Theater and Audio Visual needs. We offer a complete line of Home Theater AV parts, cables, and accessories all designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Are you working on a project for a client? We offer all of the professional grade and easy to use tools you will need to make your project run as efficiently and as smoothly as possible.


With HDMI switches that support up to 1920x1200 graphics, your home theater installation will enjoy increased longevity as it will be well prepared for future technological growth. Likewise, with HDCP compliant extenders that can stretch your HDMI signal as far as 120 meters, nearly any home theater arrangement you can dream of is possible.

If you need to switch connection types, we carry DVI to HDMI, VGA to HDMI, and other HDMI converters.

All of our HDMI cables feature exceptional quality gold plated conductors, assuring your HDMI signal is transferred as cleanly as possible.

Home Theater Wall Plates and Keystone Jacks

Having a clean professional look is important to both you and your customers. Our home theater wall plates and drywall brackets allow you to mount your HDMI, VGA, cat5E, coaxial, and any other home theater connection, right on the wall. Keep cord tucked behind the wall while you hook up your stereo, speakers, modem, etc, with ease. We carry feed-through cable wall plates for any other connection that you may need to run.

Also, check out our blank wall plates that will allow you to fully customize your home theater setup. We carry audio/video keystone jacks, HDMI Keystone, and coaxial keystone connectors.

Audio Cable

Our top quality audio cable will impress you and your customers. When purchasing, keep in mind the purpose, quality of the construction, and wire gauge. With longer wires you will want a thicker gauge—smaller the gauge, thicker the wire. We carry 14, 16, and 18 AWG speaker wire for audio systems. If you’re in need of outdoor and direct burial audio cable, look no further. CyberXLink is a leading supplier of outdoor cable.


Recently, we’ve seen a drastic change in audio/video technology, and RCA component cables have become a common element in home theater. A major reason for the growing usage is that composite cables are the only analog cable that supports progressive scan and high definition resolution. These component cables are excellent go-to cables for your home theater setup.

Slightly more old school, but very commonly used, RCA Audio and Composite Cables carry all of your audio and video signals. We carry audio cables up to 100ft. They are 75 Ohm copper wire. Perfect for running with devices in your home theater installation.

TV Wall Mount

Putting your flat screen TV on a wall or ceiling will give you and your customer a much better viewing angle. Our TV Wall Mounts give your installation a cool, clean look. We carry a variety of options; each designed to fit the work space and desired capabilities that you need. Many of our wall mounts come equipped with cutout holes for cables so that you can organize and manage any cables that you may need.

Home Theater

From our side of your home theater installation, these are the major components we stock. We also carry many more products that you may need. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call. Thanks for stopping by, and order with CyberXLink today.