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CAT8 Ethernet Patch Cable, Dual Shielded S/FTP, Snagless Molded Boot, 40G, 10 ft.

CAT8 Cable Patch Cord 10ft
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UL Compliant ETL Verified RoHS Compliant

CAT8 Ethernet Patch Cable with Snagless Molded Boot

CyberXLink's Dual Shielded S/FTP CAT8 Patch Cables are great for high performance data centers, composed of four individually shielded pairs of 24 gauge stranded bare copper conductors, with an overall tinned copper braid shield. This CAT8 patch cable is suitable for 25G networking, and offers the ability to achieve much greater speeds up to 40G.

Product Quality

This cable has a conventional 4 pair, 8 conductor wiring configuration. The twisted pairs are individually shielded in order to repel electromagnetic interference (EMI) in electrically noisy environments. The configuration of this cable keeps Alien Cross Talk down to prevent slowing down transmission speeds.


  • Max data rate: Up to 40Gps
  • Backwards compatible: YES
  • Conductor: 4-Pair 24AWG stranded pure copper
  • Shielding: Each pair Foil shielded / 4 Pair Braid Shield
  • Connectors: RJ45 plug with 50µ gold plated contacts
  • Jacket: PVC Jacket
  • Certifications: Complaint with TIA/EIA standard by UL and ETL, RoHS Compliant
  • Wiring: ANSI/TIA-568-C.2


CAT8 Shielded Molded Snagless Boot Patch Cables Spec Sheet

Additional Information

CyberXLink's supplies CAT8 patch cables in a variety of lengths. CyberXLink's CAT8 patch cables are manufactured with superior quality build materials to ensure our products meet and/or exceed Category standards.


CyberXLink offers Snagless network patch cables, these cables have a small flap that protects the RJ-45 connectors from snagging on other items when you are trying to pull the cable through places. Typically these cables are used in applications where there is a high insertion cycle, like an easy-to-access space.

Molded Boot

CyberXLink offers network patch cables with Molded Boots, also commonly called a bend relief. These patch cables provide added support to the transition point where a flexible cable connects to a rigid connector or connection point. A properly designed strain relief boot will prevent force applied to the exterior of a cable from being transferred to the electrical terminations within the connector or device which can lead to failure.

What's in the Box?

  • Qty 1 - CAT8 Shielded S/FTP Ethernet patch cable With Snagless Molded Boot