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Access Control Composite Cable

Access Control Composite Cables

Access Control Composite Cables for Security System Wiring

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Access control composite cable serves as the backbone for electronic security systems. It is commonly used to wire electronic devices used for access control like biometric scanners, door locks, and card readers. Utilizing such security devices with access control composite cable saves money of requiring additional security personnel to protect a secure facility.

Access control composite cable is available in both plenum and riser jacketed varieties to suit the application. These multi-conductor cables have four component parts, ranging from 18 to 22 gauge conductors. CyberXLink offers the Access Control Composite Cable, CMR/CL2R, (18/4 + 22/4 + 22/2 + 22/3SHLD) to wire multiple security devices in a single run of access control cable.

One of the 22 gauge components has overall aluminum foil shielding with six stranded copper conductors. This riser access control composite cable also includes four 18 gauge conductors, a component with four 22 gauge conductors, and one component with two 22 gauge conductors. Each component as well as the main cable assembly have a rip cord. This cable is supplied in both 500 foot and 1,000 foot lengths on a wooden spool.

CyberXLink also offers a yellow jacketed plenum rated version of the same cable for installation through environmental airflow spaces. The CMP access control composite cable is also sold in both 500 foot and 1,000 foot quantity sizes as well.

Got Tools? A handy wire and cable stripping tool CyberXLink offers is the All-In-One Cable Stripper for Data, Coax, Telco, and Fiber. This cable stripper serves multiple functions, and comes in handy when prepping access control composite cable. Although it is designed for coax in particular, it is easy for both cutting and stripping security cable.

Need cameras for your surveillance system? Look no further, CyberXLink has got you covered with our superior selection of IP and HD dome cameras. The 4.0 Megapixel IP Eyeball Outdoor Security Camera is a popular surveillance option with its 3.6mm wide dynamic range lens. It has a 75 foot outdoor IR range for low light viewing, and films in full HD 1080p real time video. It has an IP66 weatherproof case, digital noise reduction, and utilizes Power over Ethernet.

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Access Control Cable, CMP/CL2P, (18/4 + 22/4 + 22/2 + 22/3SHLD) 500FT & 1000FT Lengths
Item #: BCC-109 -
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Price: $434.20-$843.62

Access Control Cable 18AWG 4C+22AWG 4C+22AWG 2C+22AWG 3Pair SHLD, 1000 CMR/CL2R
Item #: BCC-108 -
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Availability: In Stock
Price: $276.00-$540.43

Products 1-2 of 2