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Access Control Cable

Access Control Cables

Access Control Cables for Security System Wiring

Keeping America Safe!

Electronic access control systems provide security for office buildings by restricting access to authorized personnel only. This alleviates the need for extra security personnel to monitor and patrol. CyberXLink supplies access control cable which serves as the backbone of such electronic security systems.

Access control systems utilize a variety of devices like biometric scanners and card readers to verify credentials and authorize access. Multi-conductor access control cables like the Access Control Cable, CMR/CL2R, (18/4 + 22/4 + 22/2 + 22/3SHLD) can be used to wire several electronic devices with a single run of cable. It is CMR rated for riser, floor to floor networking applications.

This 16 conductor access control cable meets the requirements of the most demanding building access control systems. It is commonly used in commercial buildings, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, government buildings, and educational campuses. Save time and money with a single run of access control cable to wire multiple devices. We also supply a CMP rated access control cable for plenum applications.

Access Control System Operation

The access control system operates by verifying credentials presented to them via a card scanner or biometric input device. The credentials submitted are checked against those on an approved list to grant or deny access. If credentials are approved, the system unlocks the door, temporarily disables the alarm on the door as it opened, and provides a visual cue through a light. The system would also log entries and access attempts.

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